Reputation Management Success Stories

“Nicholas Carroll is a humanist with the street smarts of a veteran marketer. He is great at getting to the heart of a value proposition, and then developing a common sense communication strategy.”

Social Learning Solutions for the Enterprise


Promoted their child rights advocacy services through website usability and search engine optimization. (Advokids only serves children in California, so the website had to be tuned to intrastate searches.)

Stanford University

Was lead editor and writer for the Stanford India Health Policy Initiative, diplomatically re-writing whitepapers by Indian physicians to promote Stanford’s long-term health goals without ruffling feathers.

Promoted their ground-breaking housing program for poor and low-income people as a viable alternative to homelessness through an expanded and focused new mission statement which defined their holistic initiative.

Federal Trade Commission

Served in an advisory role in FTC investigations and litigation against defective automobiles during Mike Pertschuk’s time as Chair, violations of FTC “money back” rules targeting consumers, and the first telephone bill “cramming” schemes selling bogus websites to small businesses in the late 1990s.

SRI (Stanford Research Institute)

Working for mouse inventor Doug Engelbart, coordinated national news coverage for the 40th anniversary commemoration of the 1968 Mother of all Demos demonstration of the computer mouse, graphic user interface, hyperlinks, and interactive computing.

Royce Baker Publishing

Coordinated national news and placed authors on national radio and TV venues including PBS, WABC, WOR, WGN, KGO, KABC, and CNBC, as well as BBC, and Canadian CBC and CTV. Generated hundreds of book reviews and author interviews in major print publications throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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