Nicholas Carroll

Nicholas Carroll was born into journalism and publishing. Both his parents were mainstream news editors and writers, and his grandfather was a book publisher, so mainstream media is something he learned at the dinner table. He started programming in college before personal computers existed, writing programs running on mainframe computers. When primitive PCs became available he went online, in the pre-Web text-only world, until the Worldwide Web added graphics in the early 1990s and websites became possible, then started building his own websites and learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When he started writing books he promoted them through mainstream media, learning how news spreads through syndicates and newswires, and when social media exploded around 2005 learned to navigate and leverage social media platforms.

Keeping with his roots in journalism, he has been a correspondent for dozens of mainstream venues including the Chicago Tribune, the Times of London, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and Huffington Post. Nicholas has lectured about ecommerce and search at UCLA and Stanford University at the graduate level. His 1997 marketing papers Mousetraps on the Web were widely praised for the application of traditional direct marketing strategies to the new technologies of the internet. His most recent technical publication is “Search Engine Optimization and User Behavior”, an article for the 3rd edition of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences. He frequently serves as an expert witness for defamation of character lawsuits, particularly those involving mainstream media and online/internet libel. Legal books and publications include Dancing with Lawyers, Law of the Blog, and Fighting Slander: A Practical and Legal Guide to Stopping Defamation, now in 5th Edition.

Nicholas has been featured in dozens of mainstream newspapers including The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Atlanta Journal & Constitution, and The Toronto Globe and Mail. He has also been interviewed on air hundreds of times, on national and international radio and TV venues, including PBS, WABC, WOR, WGN, KGO, KABC, and CNBC, as well as BBC and Canadian CBC and CTV.

Nicholas has experience in crafting and delivering messages.