Nicholas Carroll

Nicholas Carroll

Nicholas Carroll

I manage, promote, and repair reputations

Nicholas Carroll


Some of the situations I handle:

Ahead of Your Time

You’re helping people and/or the planet, but the culture is not there yet and you are considered “radical.”

Guilt by Association

Your hands are clean, but your niche is under fire.

Virtue Shift

The definition of “good” has shifted and you or your organization or your public position will soon be publicly criticized.

Public Missteps

You and your organization are considered good – but globalization means that now you are being criticized for a human rights abuse by a subcontractor far away.

You are Linked to Untruths

Searches on your name yield highly ranked pages that are misleading or full of falsehoods.

Bad Reviews

Your business is getting hammered on review web sites.

Unwelcome Defamation

A kook with followers is trashing you online to “call you out.”

Personal Situations

Resignation Misreported

The media reports your resignation as if it were an admission of guilt.

The "Rest of the Story" is not Reported

A TV station covers an investigation but does not report it a week later when a government agency decides you are “not of interest.”

Social Media Quicksand

You’re being dragged into an online war or flamed through email.

I deal with both opportunities and nightmares regularly, and have been doing so for more than 25 years. On an average day I cure nightmares, on a good day I turn them into opportunities, and on a very good day I find new horizons.


Ken Horst

Nicholas has a deep understanding of all aspects of search engine marketing, both on page and off page factors including site architecture, page rank analysis, technical factors, and keyword selection. As a result of this depth of knowledge, his insights and recommendations are both intuitive and well researched and provide his clients with a competitive advantage that is hard to match.

Ken Horst, Digital Strategy Manager, U.S. Bank

“Nicholas is a strategic thinker who gets the job done. Over the years I’ve known him, he has brought a wide range of programs and businesses to market quickly and successfully even when the odds were against his clients. He’s one of the few people I know who combines left-brain/right-brain thinking on-the-fly to generate great ideas and execute programs that get results almost immediately.”


Hal Pawluk, Creative Marketing Consultant

Nicholas has a broad range of online experience. Instead of just following “best practice” or what the latest guru says about the web, he actually analyzes the situation drawing on related subjects.”


Jennifer Day, Retail Science Director at EDITED

Nicholas brings a new perspective to solving problems that is not often seen: he actually thinks about them. I would recommend him for any position where you need someone who will endeavor to understand the complexities of your work and come up with solutions that exceed your expectations.


Corey McEntyre, Systems Integrator, Norway Bank

Call (Pacific Time) 415-810-1966

No charge for a phone call. I can’t reinvent your reputation in 30 minutes, but I can usually tell you whether I can be of help with some brief online research and a bit of thinking. If your situation is complicated, it may take a couple of days. Regardless, I tell you as quickly as possible what can be accomplished.